by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

10th march, 2009 1:11PM

When I was young I had lot of misconception about work. for me work was ego, ambition, winning people, making money, proving point ,then it become meaning of existence, search ,and a map for my problems. But slowly it dawned to me that I am doing god’s work.

People near my house were surprised to see someone making money with astrology. Secondly I do not show off or make a big hue and cry about every prediction I make. They saw me being too straight forward, approachable and easy accessibility. They were surprised to see an astrologer having web site which seen in 33 countries and yet he is very simple and humble. It is one of the very few profitable sites in India astrology. We are not talking about hits or value in paper but the gross profits which is much more than what many astrology sites make.

I have seen people who are very successful people in work. They have hall mark of all these traits

• They think how to serve people and then only think about making profits. They are not greedy about profits or naïve about serving people but have a good balanced view

• Secondly they will be kind. I have heard many stories about A.R Rahaman’s kindness and gentleness.

• Thirdly they are grateful to god for giving the work for them

• Fourthly all these people will be very sincere in their work which means they work longer and harder than others/

• Fifthly they realize their work is more than their ability. So they learn to pray. Normal people who are arrogant think god should give them work because they are intelligent and superior to others. God gives work of greatness to humble men. See Man Mohan Singh, what was many politician dream he had achieved it even without lifting the finger.

• Sixthly they always think they do not deserve such a position. It is much beyond their expectation. Many unsuccessful people will have problems in their career in mid 40 plus because they think they deserve much more. Much more would have been given if they had appreciated the positive of their colleagues. They consider others to be idiot stupid and think themselves as genius.

• People who are successful in their career never hope to win anything. See A.R Rahaman who said during the Oscar ceremony that he thought 5 % of chances of winning the Oscar.

• Remember people who do well in their work are usually humble, simple, kind, and helpful. They make other people comfortable, happy and peaceful.

• People who play games politics, slowly and surely they will have problems in their work in mid 40 which reflects their karma.

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