by Chennai based Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
1st april, 2009 8:41 PM


Many people praise the Indian temple which has many uses. It is helps the economy where many people are dependent, famous for sculptures, architectures, design, holder of knowledge of dance, forms, musical instruments, rituals, traditions, historical knowledge .

The most important use of the temple was solving day to day problems and for the enlightment purpose.

If you analyze many famous saintly souls were born near the famous temples. Most of the successful politicians and businessmen and other famous people were born close to these sacred places. For example Ramanujam, mathematical genius was born close to a temple and ramana maharishi was born close to a temple.


Temples are literally a mandala. If you convert the deity in to astrological planetary combination it is easy to understand the effects. For example if you see the name of deity in meenakshi amman temple, the shiva is called as sundareswar which means beautiful one. A famous saivaite saint name is also sundarar. It is in this temple lord sundareswar  gets married to goddess meenakshi who is also represents Venus. There fore if any one has marriage problems and if they visit meenakshi amman temple they can clear it


They have deity in this temple of meenakshi for pregnancy and for milk ( which is called vesane amman) , most people in madurai or at least the saurastra community uses the deity.


As the temple and its deity become famous, people associated with the profession as that of the diety will become famous.

The deity for healing is danvantri and there is danvantri Sanadhi in vaitheswaran temple. In fact Chennai is very famous for many medical treatment as the temple became famous. The entire south India including ayurveda became famous due to the awakening the energy of the temple. Many 1000s of people visit this temple daily.


I got a huge lift in the temple of Ekambareshwar temple. In one of the places mirror are kept facing each other like the Indian barber shop. The priest said to me that one becomes many and many become one. It was a satori and immediately the multidimensional reality unfolded like a flash of lighting. In fact my astrology became very good after that.


Chidambaram temple, thiruvarur temple where the famous thajyaraja swamy is there has all the deities. In fact one can worship swarana aksaran bhariav only in the Chidambaram temple. Runa vimocharan for winning over the debts is there in the thiruvarur temple. The deities that are described in tantric scriptures are kept around these famous temples.


One will able to get the information of the sadhana, right from naivedeyam from the priest. If you know the temple and its secret most of the problem is solved. Some one doing the sadhana of bhariva will get huge lift if they go to the asta bhariava temple in the serkazhi.


The temple has prakaram which holds the minor deity is connected with the other planets. For example thirveleeswarar temple represents Venus and if you worship vinayaka then it is Venus with ketu combination. Sarbeshwar means Venus with rahu. If one worship muruga in that temple then it is Venus with mars. Therefore the main deity is the main planets and the sub planet are the sub dieties is the combination.


 Every 100- 50 km these kind of big temple were build to solve common people problem, to awaken the energies ,and also try for enlightenment.


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