by Chennai based K.B.Gopalakrishnan

7nd JULY,2007 6:14 AM


          The difference between technique and technology is that, technique works many times yet not very consistent. Technology works consistently no matter what ever happens. Take astrology, most of the techniques works many a times. Yet at times what the astrologer says goes wrong. Whereas you take a CAT scan machine. it detects the heart problems consistently and can be operated by any one provided they learn it. For example take a performance of musician; he/she will always have variation in the performance level. When the music is played and recorded, the output has the same quality as how it was recorded. This is difference between technique and technology.


Now to digress further, I wanted to change my food habit. I met a foreigner from thiruvanamalai. Her name was madhu crystal. She learnt Indian astrology from me. I had gone to thiruvanamalai to do a reading for an elderly foreign lady. Her name was Jeanine (she has motherliness oozing from every pore of the body). During that trip, I realized that madhu has wonderful instinct for eating good food i.e. natural food. After visiting Jeanine I was walking out of the house when suddenly out of inspiration I feet at madhu’s feet and asked her bless me. I was sincere in my action even though she was my student, she was a foreigner. I had no inhibition. she must have felt very happy and blessed me. she has been eating natural food for last 30 years easily. She also prepared food and gave me natural diet. Of course I paid for the food. Many people exploit the goodness of others thinking that they are very smart and intelligent.  But in reality, when you pay for the teaching it works miracles.


Within few days my food habit changed completely. I attribute my change to madhu’s blessing. She had perfected sadhana on natural food. When she blessed me I gave up food with oil, rice etc in one go.  For that she said " you were ready that is why it happened". Yes, it may be true but then the blessing was like showers from heaven. Little effort and jiffy the change happened.


There is another incident to share.  Jeanine is a very rich women for whom I did a reading once. She had lived in France in the best of condition. Even today she lives in an excellent condition. I realized she had gift of sharing or giving. I had asked her to bless me for giving. She was a foreigner and an elderly lady. Bang on! From that on wards my attitude towards giving changed. I stopped fighting with auto fellows for small change. I became generous even in my thoughts. My giving completely changed. It was simply because of the blessing of Jeanine. I was struggling to master this virtue and after the blessing my practice became effortless and results were instant.


Many people these days try out various astrology techniques. It does not work so well at times because it is taught by a person who has had siddhies in the technique. That why there is so much of confusion in understanding. Many people ask me why they learn astrology less than 30 days- 60 days so fast when other people take year to learn astrology the reason is siddhi.

Every technique has astral lock. It will work very well only when that astral resistance is broken. Just because a technique is available, it does mean it will work. One can know the theory principles but the techniques will work only when some one has broken that lock. Technology is mass of people have got siddies in that particular aspect. For example humanity has siddies for flying using planes. Of course one can fly in many ways. But this is the way humanity has mastered it to large extent.

Same thing with adviatha. It is said in scriptures that when one listens to a gnani then the results is instant realization. I use to wonder how and why? Now I understand that the gnani understanding is clear and also he has broken the astral lock. So the transmission of words becomes understanding because of high energy content in his words.

What he experiencing as reality is reported or let me put this way what is mastered is transmitted through the energy. That is why it is easier to learn with the live guru. The scripture also emphasizes this aspect. Indian elders are asked to bless at the end of the function for this reason. 


There is another way to open a technique and it is to keep working on it .one day like a blooming flower the technique will open up and understanding will happen. Then you can transmit this to many people. Of course it will take years of hard work to show inches of progress.


when you want to learn or master any thing


Locate some one who is good at or mastered the attribute. They need not have big name but the way they live their life is an example of it.

Take their blessings.

Ask them to teach you that. For example food means eat from there hands, giving means u give them some thing.

Pay for it if you can. Other wise do return service as compensation.

Thank them for it and tell every one u have learnt from them.

Every time you meet them thank them and if need be take their blessing again.

Do not talk rubbish about them because if they feel bad, your practice will become shaky.

When some one praises you for those virtues, do not boast. Instead attribute it to the guru from whom you have learnt.

When you are tested many times, as I was tested when I took up the niyama of eating only natural food. Lot of people offered me cooked foods and sweets. I simply explained in a sweet manner with out hurting the person who offered food. When you hurt people due to niyama your own niyama will become shaky.


I dedicate this merit to my lineage, my family, and my students.

May they have supreme understanding.

May any one read this due to divine grace implement successfully and heal all there imbalances in life.



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