26th feb,2007 10:40 AM


I owe a lot to my teacher whose support and encouragement made me to writes this article

As the New Year has dawned people, politicians and business people think about the way the government will go on and how will the state do in 2007.

First thing is that the government will not topple and Karunanidhi will be there to run the government.

The decisions by the government will be good and it will help to improve the status of the state. The state’s growth segment like IT, BPO will do well.

Rains will be good and the agriculture out put will be satisfactory. The thanjavur belt will still have some tensions and problems. The prices of the food grains will fluctuate.

Financially also state’s position will be good. The reserve will be positive and the government will be in position to implement its plans. Policies formulated by the government will be good and financially rewarding too. But the fund allocation by the centre may be less than the expected.

Educational institutions will do well and more colleges will be opened. Infrastructure of the educational institutions will be improved and government will implement stringent laws to monitor educational institutions. Still the influential people who are running these institutions may try to prevent these laws.

Land prices may go up and land scams will be there.

But in 2007 getting along with the neighboring states may have lot of tensions and tussles. All the matters relating to dams and water sharing may go slow.

If you see the tajika chart of 2007 there is a parivartana of Venus and mercury which is the 9th and 8th lord. There are chances of Karunanidhi’s health failing. Skirmishes in the party are also possible. Controversy regarding religious matters will come to the fore.

Government will have internal tensions. Implementing its election manifesto will take time. Changing of minister’s portfolio, inclusion and deletion of new ministers will be there.