by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

5TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 10:05 am



I am against caste based reservation. I have seen many people who are very rich and enjoy these reservations. There are poor people from the upper caste who suffer.

The mind of politicians which operates on the lower frequency must be blessed to rise in to higher chakra which will help them to see these matters from multi dimensional angle.

My solution is very simple. Reservation based on multiple criteria not a single one will produce good result. For example some of the criteria can be parents education, income level, place the person comes from, school whether government or private etc. for all these marks can be awarded from one to ten scales. All these criteria can be added to give a score whether the person is eligible to claim the quota or not. Caste can be one of the criteria but not the only criteria.

A person who has poor parents born in upper caste or a person born in lower caste but comes from village will give due advantage.

When this is applied truly deserving people will get the place and secondly many people will get reservation in spite of caste or religion. Of course like all system this can be refined. For example in a state like Bengal the place from which a person comes can be given higher marks and for a state like Tamilnadu parents education can be given more criteria or income.

I appreciate the efforts of Ambedkar who did social revolution by drafting a law on reservation. This law has served beyond its time. Efforts need to be put on upgrading from what Dr. Ambedkar left. Instead of blindly following the reservation template set by ambedkar 50 years ago which lead social injustice and equality, the true problem can be solved by multi dimensional viewing.

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