by chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

9th october ,2008, 10:00AM

One of my student who is a stock broker met me in the early part of this year and we were discussing the details of the previous bull run and corrections. The post harshad mehta and also the ketan parekh period were discussed. Both the times the market had corrected more than half. Without going into cumbersome details I would get into the facts. The market touched 21,000 and the correction will stop only if the market reaches 8,000. As such market will touch well below 10,000 before December 2009.

Many people were angry and astonished about the predictions simply because it was hitting the wildest expectation. Certain criterion of Indian stock market needs to be understood. Earlier times when the sensex market went up it went up slowly and there was minimum level of correction followed by gains. Now the Indian stock market will go down very fastly as much as it goes up fastly. As such the correction will be twice the speed of the up wards moment.

Therefore when the stock market reached 21,000 points at a fast speed, it is not a wonder when the market touched 12,000 points within nine months. Many people use the technical chart and fundamental chart. Most of the markets has become the momentum market which replicates the global market more or less.

My call is sensex will hit well below 10,000 points before the month of December.

  • Sebi relaxing the norms on p notes or on the crr hike can only hold the market temporarily. With the mighty dasa of Venus coming to end and sun bhukthi beginning not only political and also economics of this country is in for major changes.
  • Global market will continue in the turmoil phase till end of December 2008. When Jupiter enters the tenth house in kalapurhsha chart situation can cool down.
  • As such till July 2009 this problem in the global market will persist.
  • Someone spoke about tsunami which will hit 2012. This financial problem is bigger in magnitude and calamity which is rewriting the world financial order for ever.

One of my friend called me from Canada and said that god will take care. That is the problem with human being when reality hits very hard people expect a miracle to happen to retrieve the situation. But this will only prolong the misery. Some one sent a letter saying that by diwali Indian markets will revive. With ketu bhukthi running astrology shows that these hopes will get dashed.

India Bull Run is over and the bear market is only half way through.

I know a lady who trades in the market. She was all praise for analyst and some big names in the industry who have been saying sweet things like every time market goes down that is will peak up and this is just one of the waves.

If you have money in mutual funds or in the stocks pull it out unless you are looking at the market with a barrier of 10 years,.

All the so called FII’s who have invested in India are the same people which are thick in the bank problems in the USA. There fore they will continue to pull out the money. If the Indian market had been fundamentally strong and technically very good then FIIs becoming bankrupt will not have any impact on the Indian stock market.

But 80% of the Indian market is ruled by FII’s money. Do not even waste time in believing that these guys will come back. Until the problems are solved in USA they will keep pulling out of Indian markets.

Like religion hope is the opium of the masses.

May I dedicate this merit to physical problem I have and May it get healed and to the success of lineage’s spiritual and material growth.

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