by Chennai based K.B.Gopalakrishnan

7nd JULY,2007 6:14 AM


         Many people complain that the remedial measure is not producing results and the difficulties have not vanished from their life. This comes out of insensitivities to energy and also partial understanding.

When you implement remedial measure or when ever you do remedial measure you will feel very peaceful. Also you will also feel restless after you do it. For example if some one has to struggle for their daily food and when they do Annapoorni mantra they will feel very peaceful while doing the pooja.  After finishing the puja they will have agitation within themselves. This arises due to the karmic release and churning. Energy will get churned and muck will come out within two hours of doing pooja.


Secondly there will be a period of resistance and period of growth. Some day they will find easier to do the remedial measure and some day they will find it hard. Care should be taken that what ever is the mood or problem niyama should not be broken. This will be cyclic in nature and will be there till the end of the problem. The ebb and tide in sadhana should be accepted.

Realization- why one is suffering? What are the karmic reasons? This many people are not aware. If some one says harsh speech is the reason for lack of money. One will not understand the logic behind this. How much ever advise the other person gives it does not sink in to head. The best way to make them understand is to make them do the sadhana. More the sadhana is done more the understanding becomes clear.

One will also need to understand what kind of blocks like people, places, attitude, speech and action is creating difficulties in the sadhana. This will happen slowly step by step for many people.

One will also be tested – for example if one wants to get married. Alliance and proposals will come but will get rejected without understanding. This is due to karmic block. Many times I see situation unfolding in a manner to test the level of understanding.

I was seeing movie of the great Tukaram in a kannada channel. Shivaji the king of Martha  would have come to visit him . After some time King Shivaji gets news that the mughals have known that he is with tukaram and any moment they would come to catch him. Many people will try to run away from the situations. But tukaram says “god is testing our faith and it is a great opportunity. let us pray” . The great bhakta tukaram had such profound understanding. Of course shivaji had great faith in his teacher. When people asked him to leave he simply says “ the great tukaram’s bhakthi will save me , with such a man around how can god let me down”. If normal people would have been there, they would have got panic and started abusing the teacher which in this case is tukaram. Once own’s understanding and niyama will be tested. Tukaram in that movie will say “god loves you so much that is reason he is testing us”.



Change of speech, attitude and action. One’s own attitude will become positive; speech will become polite, humble and kind. Action will be relevant to the problem. Many a times people do not solve problem because they are not doing what needs to be done due to distraction of some other problem. I have seen many childless couple instead of trying to have baby will try to make more money.

Change in situation environment will happen by connection of right places and going towards right people. For example marriage means alliances will start coming, going to marriage bureau etc. this will happen gradually and fully. One will be tested by delay, postponement etc.

Every time a situation become tougher one need to be clear that the karmic block is coming out. Better to work with it than get disheartened. For example an alliance comes and is postponed. Then you need to understand that you are close to the goal.  Do not worry.

Flow becomes effort less-

The alignment of people places objects attitudes will flow effortlessly and in a sequential manner. Once this is achieved on itself then you will know that the problem is about to be solved.

Keep the focus on the problem and do not get distracted.

Other people suggestion-

When some one suggests small remedy other than what you are doing especially with regard to temple listen to it. Do not argue there is alignment happening.

Dealing with doubts and fears

When you have doubts and fears that arises from unconscious mind, try to neutralize it with positive thoughts. This is also the old karma coming out. Positive thoughts help in manifestation.

What to do with desperation-

Every time another layer opens there will be a situation going against your desires. When this happens one will feel desperate and helpless.

Pray to god. One of friend calls it praying from soul level. In Tamil it is called as atma arthamayai. When one prays sincerely with soul felt and in desperation, then the divine grace descends. It is showers from heaven.

Atonement and repentance – this will bring in enormous healing. One can do it for past lives also. Just say I regret for all my past lives and negative deed or deed done with ignorance.

Guard the speech- if you speak kindly in an understanding manner many a times people want you succeed. When you help people every one feels that your problem should be solved. Every time one hurts people then people will feel that what your suffering has a reason and will be happy that you are having problem.


I dedicate this merit of this article to my personal difficulty I am struggling with.

May it get dissolved and the results be seen immediately.

May any one who read this article understanding happens spontaneously and see results immediately.


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