Date of Birth 9 August 1968


Time of Birth 10 30 PM


Sex Male

txtcomments Question 1) I want to resign from the job this week. Should I do so or not? Question 2) Will I get married to the girl I am pursuing the matter with? I am asking this question at 1:00 a.m in the morning(not afternoon) from Los Angeles, California in USA. I want to choose the number 99


hello sir,

iam not very sure of the place of birth iam not able to locate the latitude and longitude and I have taken it as lucknow.


Please do not resign ur good time is starting from  16  6 2005 onwards.


U will do well in job for next two years and also will surely shift place of work.


Please wear a blue sapphire which will be helpful


U will also strong tendency to change the jobs quite often.


Finally u will have some kind of strong relationship starting from  7 th month onwards. I do not know if it is this girl. In any case please call India 044- 26253420 for further clarifications. This will be till 8 th month of 2008.