by Chennai based  K.B.Gopalakrishnan

20th feb,2007 10:40 AM



When I read the life of nagamma, it suddenly flashed to me that the enlighten process happens in stages and phases. Most of the nagammaís biography seems to go through this process.


Most of the souls donít fit in with the society. They are the people who like to speak the truth ,support what is dharma,  cannot take lies and crookedness, easily forgiving, and do not like to take revenge or carrying over enmity.  They donít know how to crook. So they lose money in business or have failure in work. For example tukaram lost money so many times in business and so is swami ramadas. Normal notion among the people is to become successful first then make lot of money and only finally think of god. The failures, trails and tribulations these souls face in their work make them mover towards god. My teacher told in succinct manner" if god exist then world does not exist. if the world exist then god does not exist. U cannot have success in both ". People who have become guru without meditation normally speak in reverse manner.


Secondly human relationships by nature are very painful. Many people have hope and long for perfect relationship. This expectation is also shattered for these souls. Take the case of tukaram, he lost his first wife and child in famine. The great gampopa of kagyu lineage lost his wife in epidemic. The j Krishnamurthy lost his brother whom he loved. Mata amritanandamayi had lot of problems with her family.


Next thing is that death stares at them in one way or another. For example when ramana maharishi heard of some oneís death, he started having death like appearance and sensation. Take the case of osho who was told by astrologer that he can die with in 8 years. The great Buddha saw the death when he went out of his palace.

Some will have incurable illness which will get cured only by the intense faith in god. The great appar was cured of his stomach pain by application of vibhuthi by his sister. The great purshotamanda of vasiata guha was cured of his stomach problems in the temples of guruvayur.

Love for god, sadhana, the friendship of holy saintsí starts at a very early age in their life. This like embers of fire was slowly stroked by time. These souls are normally born in places where rishi have meditated or have a sacred temple. When ever these souls put faith on money and people some kind of tragedy happens to them. They feel intense pain. I have seen so many sadhakas and good people who lose money in business, their savings getting wiped out in one go and they are left with nothing. The more they put faith on god; they can see their life comes into order. plus their material needs is taken care by other people. When they hear bhajan they start crying or they have intense desire to see god. Normally relatives and friends hurt them so many times that they long for peace and happiness.

The guru, the path and the method appears for them clearly. They like to pray for a long time or long to pray. For example if you see the life of nagaamma she prays for guru who is like dakshinamoorthy and gets the vision also. Swami ramdas gets his mantra from his father. All this happened for these great souls when they are in the age of 36 Ė 30. This was the big turning points in their life. The search for guru and path suddenly stoped and the faith started rooting in their life.

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