By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
22nd october 2009, 14:19


May the great goddess saraswathi bless these words.
I humbly request the great 18 rishis and great maharishi parashura to bless this predictions
I humbly request the navagrahas to give their blessings for the prediction to come true
I humbly request all the great master teachers , naths- the great matsyendra nath , gorka nath, bodhisatvas, tirthanakaras the munis, yogis and divine angels to bless the predictions to come true
may all the detractors, negative intention about me or my predictions never manifest
may their will never operate
may their words never come true on astrology or on astrologer or on my predictions.
When ever they speak against the predictions or me or my work may the predictions come stronger.
May the supporters of astrologer words come true. May the great goddess saraswathi bless their words.
May the predictions of all the astrologers come true, which will make the science of astrology superior to all sciences.
May dharma, satya and prema of god support these word.

Pakistan has lagna of mesha with the Saturn transiting into 6 th house. Its for enemies, diseases, court case and litigations. Exactly if one sees, the lagna lord mars is with ketu. secondly all the planets in the sixth house and Jupiter is with rahu. There fore following predictions are given for paksitan

There will be lot of suicide bombing especially between dec 15- nov 15 and march 15- april 15 2010. There will be bloody confrontation with Talibanís and the Pakistan army in these two months

Both the sides will come in squaring off. It looks like final confrontation. I love meshud even though he fights and kills. But he is sincere with the approach of Islamic state. The Frankenstein monster of Taliban is in confrontation with Pakistani civil society.

More bloods shots, suicide bombing, drone attacks, killing of leaders in swat valley, assignation attempts will be common. There will be problems which will multiply and compound in many areas of the Pakistan

According to nadi astrology principles when ever Saturn transits the sixth house or lord increasing problems from the enemy will be there.

That is more when sun transit into the sixth, 8th and 12th house. the problem can get aggravated when it is more towards the Krishna paksha and closer to amavsaya


May I dedicate this merit for the birth of son in my lineage, my brotherís marriage, my sadhana to grow stronger and to the formation of spirtual lineages of my style of astrology.


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