by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

16TH SEPTEMBER, 2008 1:11PM


The great epic Ramayana has a character called valli. Who ever fights with him will lose half the strength and no one can win him straight. In the same way Chennai based astrologer would describe Mamata Banerji. Any one fighting with her openly will lose and she will gain momentum and strength.  With Venus dasa and kethu bhukthi running and saturn in the 4th house, tata will have to tell bye bye to the project to west bengal.

Mamata is born on durga astami (some Bengalis told me ) and the navaratri fast approaching. It will be difficult for Buddhadev or anyone to defeat Mamata. She will be uncompromising, straight and sincere. Playing politics or political game will only make her violent and stall the project.

Men in power forget the simple rule that the solutions have to be comprehensive, holistic and brutally fair. That is why all great emperors fell down by rebellion and discord comes out. Buddha dev can think he can impose rules because he has power.

As such this project will get delayed, postponed and solutions can be in near sight at least till December.

Tata rolling out their Nano will be delayed from singur.

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