by Chennai based K.B.Gopalakrishnan

25th JULY, 2009 12:00PM

There are various kinds of nadi which uses variety of techniques to predict. Of course the result can vary from nadi to nadi. Secondly not all they say in nadi comes true. One needs to accept the limitation then it easy to make predictions on nadi techniques.
Benefic and malefic and various house. For example Jupiter in all the 12 houses. Sukar nadi tells about combination planet with rashi. For example mars in simha, which means mars plus sun effects.
Then the angles can be from Jupiter in general, karakas for example Venus for marriage, Jupiter for children etc. which is used in bhirgu nandi nadi.
Most of them use the placement of planets for time and also transit for very easy results. This is used in kakabhujnadar nadi.
Meena nadi uses the nashaktra paddathi which was popularized by the K.P people.
Some of them use prsana chakras for fast snap predictions like saka devar chakram.
Very rarely nadi uses the nadi amsha which uses basic delineation. Of course many nadi astrologer do not know even the name of nadi amsha’s forget the delineations.
Nadi amsha’s correlates following information
age of native
parents alive or dead
some minor details about his parents
his education
wealth level
success time
about his death
number of children.
Timing of marriage, children and rise in work
this will be written in few lines maximum of 50 lines.
Nadi amsha are subtler than the nakshatra padas. Of course the images are given which can be freely used in interpretation. Some of them are in Sanskrit which can have variety of meaning. Many people twist the meaning without realizing that it can be used for predictions. viswa means lord of universe which also means success in work.
They are told to deny the astrology link because of marketing reason. The common difference is those nadi astrologers are taught simple snap shot techniques which produces fast results. Too many angles like the normal astrologers are not taken in account. The normal remedial measure which is used produces very good results.
Then the results of karma were results in this life time. Many people in India are aware of karma vipka in natural way. If you ask my grandmother why someone is having stomach pain she will say grabbing other people food.

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