01/16/2006 15:44


I meet people who have siddhies for manipulating people, lying as if telling the truth, back stabbing of guru, using and throwing people, acting egoistically without thinking of the consequences, constantly putting down the wife or husband or children, thinking how to extract from guru and run away, pretending to know all and talk know all even with out knowing or understanding any thing, irrational anger (there are many idiots in the world who believe that wife and kids are perfect and their negative qualities should not be highlighted), ungratefulness, discontentment , doing little and calling it hard work- which many call it as marketing strategy, genius who believes that wisdom comes with age, doing little and getting maximum calling it as smartness ,saying one thing and doing other thing ,may be these  are the siddhies in kali yuga

But when it comes to music the siddihies that are needed are very different. The following siddhies are needed to be a great musician apart from the knowledge, philosophy and history of music.

  • SHABDA GNANAM- how the sound originates from the astral and transcends to physical level. This siddhi will be got if one meditates on the verses of vigyan bhariav tantra. This will help you to create mantras, yantras etc.

  • SPASHTAM SIDDHIS - proper pronunciation of Sanskrit words. The great carnatic musician

MS SUBHALAKSHMI had it. She could pronounce any verses with correct intonations.

  • VAK SIDDHI- what one speaks has tremendous impact. Most of the great geniuses of the world have it. Some have it for written words. This ability is singing in music.

  • ASU KAVI- the ability to sing on any subject at the spur of the moment without waiting for inspiration. Most of the great poets have this siddhi.

  • SRUTHI DHARA- it is the ability to compose verses and write music in grammatically correct form within short notice. Most of the great saints like THIRU GNANA SAMDAR, APPAR or those who composed 4000 Divya Prabdnam had this sidhi

  • MANTRA SIDDHIES- it is the ability to interpret a single words into ten or 12 different meanings. MADHVACHARYA had it. He could interpret each word of Vishnu Sahasranama in ten different ways.

  • MUSIC SIDDHIES - ability to compose music for any word or situation with notation in the most grammatical style. Most of the great TriMoorthy had it and also in contemporary days, Ilayalraja has it with the sexual overtone.