by Chennai based K.B.Gopalakrishnan

13th, FEB,2009 1:33PM


Many people send their heart felt condolences for my mother’s death. Some of them were sarcastic and asked me with questions and comments like- “whether I know my mother’s death was coming?” “ Only god knows someone death “ “ Did you know astrologically that death was going to happen for my mother?


These dialogues were said for the sake of hurting me, proving the point and showing how limited human being I am. This is very good because it helped me to control my   pride and develop humility.


In the book of aghori vimalananda  written by robbert svoboda, he predicts that his  father was going to die. It happened exactly at the end of year on dec 31st. It leaves lot of mystery without knowing how death can be predicted. Any way I have strange ways of knowing death’s arrival. It can be done with short long and medium term indicators I am writing this piece so that knowledge can be systemized and can be used even by lay man.


I met swamiji shanthananda of vasista guha along with my wife in ramana ashram who said that he was going die. My wife started crying for she was feeling for her guru. To do meditation I went to ramana ashram where bhagawan ramana stayed in mortal coil.  I got clear indications of death. I went back and told swamiji that he will not die. Because of god’s grace my words came true. He is still lives after 7 years of my prediction. May he live long to serve many people.

For example my paternal aunt came to my house. She said this might be the last time I am going to see her. Then after few days she fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. My father was leaving to meet his sister and bring her to Chennai. I told him not to waste his time and his sister is going to die. I asked him not to bring her to Chennai. He got so angry and was very abusive towards me. Nothing wrong. Just that he did not understand what I under stood.


I went to see my Bengali friend and met their mother in law. She said some thing which was incoherent I told my friend that her mother in law will die with in few months. She was healthy when I told them. Suddenly she passed away with in three months.


When a person is about to leave the world first three things will happen primarily.


  • They will meet people whom they love a lot.

  • Normally they will go to places which are connected to love or child hood.

For example my grand mother went to her native village after 40 years. She stayed there for 10 days, came back to my house fell ill and passed away.


There was friend of mine. His name is surendar. His grand mother was about to be taken to her native  village. I told his mother not to send her for she will not come back. She died with in few days.


I heard of a man who met all his children and grand children and told them that he is going to die and passed away.


  • They will finish all duty responsibility in there life


My friend puspendra’s father died after finishing his last sister marriage,


In cases people leave the earthly abode if they do not have main responsibility. My mother had her 68th birth day where she met many of her friends and relatives. It was not a birth day celebration but a fare well party arranged by my wife with out knowing how my mother was bidding good bye to everyone. 


The secondary indications are as follows.


They will lack taste in food. Most of them will stop eating few days before death.

My grand mother and mother stopped eating almost one week before the death.


They will have lose motions or bowels will get cleaned.

They will have regular bowel moment. My mother passed motion of huge quantity for her  food before 4 hours.

One of our family friend went to bath room, cleared himself, then came out and passed away. My father went to hair cut, had then had bath in bath room came out and passed away.

The swara will flow from one nostril

I met an old man who was very sick. I taught him pranayama. He told to me that the breath does not change from one nostril to other. I am grateful to him for he gave the first hint of the swara yoga.

When death is coming closer, the breathing will become harder. It is as if the breath is pushed out of the lungs.


If they are sensitive they will see the other world some what vaguely.

For example my mother started complaining of a man who came and disturbed her. She started seeing the images from the other side of the world. She was seeing agents of death very clearly one week before her death. she was terrified.


Normally most higher soul pray to be passed away

My father did 108 poojas and passed away. My mother before her death day requested “ god take me away soon “. Most of the souls even if they are lower in nature will know about death. I have known many elderly people who will pray to be taken  away from the earthly life.


The other indications of death are,


There will be lot of bitterness in there  life. Whom they love will leave them. For example my friend latha’s father in law loved his sons. Due to financial problem that son had gto leave him.  He lost his will to live

my father lost his mother few months before his who was his pillar of strength. The great dasaratha dies after the departure of rama. The great dhidrsta dies after the death of duryodana.

For one of the big astrologer by name vidwan v lakshmanan whose was consulted by MGR ex chief minister of tamil nadu died once his son in law passed away within few days.

Handing over ceremony

They will find one successor who will run the family. My father met me near the North West stair case and said “you have take care of your brother”. I told him that however he may be problematic that I will take care of him.

My mother closer to death when new rental client had come, she said “you will take care of everything and you are responsible for everything”.


People who execute the death will arrive.

Before my mother death my aunty came. She has never stayed in our house easily in the last 25 years. Every time she came and stayed my mother conditioned worsened. The more I did not want her to come the more she came. In fact I told my student jayashree that my aunty had come to execute the death. She has never called up or came after the death even once. I prevented my aunt coming after the month of June which became very difficult for me to implement.


For  father and grand mother =  there was a maid servant and a boy who stayed in my house. Both left very close to death of my grand mother and father.


Time indicators for death

Dogs will cry before one month or one week before the death. It will be a eerie sound which will be abnormal. This I have seen for my mother grand mother and father.


You will meet people exactly who have same problems. For example before my father I met a man who did not have his father. Also his father passed away suddenly. I used to go to temple with this man. It stopped after my father death and not even once I have went to temple with that man for last 4  years.


Before my mother passed away I met ramakrishnan who is a nice person. When I was eating in a hotel along with his friend I knew that same problem will come for me. His mother had leg problems and she passed away few years ago.


You will feel, hear and see about the death in subtle ways

In some way most people will attend or pass or see some kind of death ritual which will make them uncomfortable. I went to buy a sapling for my wife. We got stuck up near kilpauk cementry and it took nearly 10 minutes to start the bike without any reason.


Place- my mother was lying down near the western door, exactly in the place where her leg problems started. I told her not to lie down and when the problems started aggravating she shifted to north eastern room. After that she had no major problems.  

We shifted from upstairs to down stairs. I told my wife to shift our bed room to south west. I was out at that time. Our maid servant went and told that bed was big. Therefore it was advised by my mother to shift her bed room to south west; within 20 days she passed away. she shifted to the exactly closer to the western door were she had problems initially.  North West in my house will never get activated. It started getting activated when the death was imminent in my house.  


Hour of death.

Three people in my house passed in North West- grand father, father and mother.

 My grand mother, mother and father passed away in the night. Father mother close to 8 o clock.

Final men

In both the cases the final person who left the  place after seeing my parents were black man who are from different caste with high check bone. Description of Saturn.

They will die close to the person whom they love the most. For example my father died on my lap and my mother when all of us were together. My grand mother near my wife. Latha’s father in law died as soon he saw his son who came from abroad.


Prayer routine will be completely disturbed.

I could not go to tirupati, my kula devata’s temple or any big temple. In fact One lady came and told me that I was holding the soul back and asked me not to pray for my mother. When I was praying for grand mother with maha mritunajaya yantra and mantra, I was asked to stop my prayer before final days of death.


This article is not written out of pompousness. I met a man in adyar where swami shanthananda was staying . He said  that death could never predicted. I told it could be done much before hand if one knows swara yoga.


Those who walk will made to lie down, those lie down will not be allowed to move and those who talk will be made silent .


For example my mother went through these phases of death.  Walking then she stopped walking, then only sitting in the bed, then she was only lying even that also she could not move. Some souls pray when they are half away in the process and escape it.  I have seen many doctors’ and nurses who dealt with death regularly know the death indicators. If not all of them, at least some of them.

Another indication is that the electrical items will get burned or there will be short circuits happening in the house


When the so called ghreva wearing saint or people who call themselves as sanaysi or old people or people who have sickness who make statement such as god only knows the death then it shows their level of ignorance.


Respect them for their level of understanding.  Share this article with them because god is kind and compassionate.  A mortal ordinary being can never comprehend such clear indications of death and these indications can be useful to many people.  They just need to pray that is all. Mark my words god gives every soul to prepare for their death.


Two people found out my level of understanding in subtle ways. My friend Mahesh ramani asked me during the funeral of my mother asked me how I looked so composed. Then another person barabara who said how can u help at this hour? My mother was admitted in hospital before her death. I just smiled.


Yes I miss my mother. I know that I will meet her in bardo or subtle world many times after this. I am grateful for her. Will I miss her? Do I still love her? Yes love is god. I am grateful to her for many things. She was my first teacher first love but when the fare well time comes even this has to go because like the great milarepa sings


All worldy pursuits have but one unavoidable
and inevitable end, which is sorrow:
acquistions end in dispersion;
buildings, in destruction;
meetings, in separation;
births, in death.
Knowing this, one should, from the very first,
renounce acquisition and heaping up,
and building, and meeting; and, faithful to the commands
of an eminent guru, set about realizing the Truth


People will die in cluster in lineages. There is a lineage pattern in the way people die. One pattern in my lineage is people will have problems in their legs before the death . I shall talk on patterns of dying in lineages at some point when Lord Narayana wants to me write once again.



I dedicate this article to my Vamsa viridhi. Any one who read this article will have knowledge of death.

May I enter the great bardo with mantra in my mind.

May I die in padmasana sitting on my prayer mat with mala in my hand.


I thank you for reading the article.
 I am limited I need your help, please pass on this web site and make them aware of this articles.
 May many people be benefited like you.
 I dedicate this merit to my vamsa vriddi and gotra vriddi.
 May all beings be benefited and understand in their own ways and make their life peaceful.


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