By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
2nd march, 2010 3:15pm

There was lady who asked me how to become richer than what she was now. I asked her if she has benefitted people from whom she gotbenefited. She asked me to explain on that. I asked her “your parents brought you up and have you ever given money to them”. She replied “I want to do some thing big for them”. I said “forget it. Do small and it will become big. Whenever your children have asked for some thing give them easily. Do not make them struggle and abuse them for telling their desire”.
She decided to experiment. She gave money to her mother. Voila some order clicked through. Again she gave money to her father and mother. She started getting orders from unexpected sources.
She was in tears for such a jump in her money level. She started getting what ever her children asked; she started to become generous with her maid servant. Again it resulted in the jump in her income
When you want to become intelligent or gain knowledge or have spiritual growth the simple rule is what you give is what you get. If you give money easily and freely to people from whom you have gained, then money will come effortlessly. Many people do not give money to their parents. They think that their parents do not need money.
When you squeeze small people big people will squeeze you. When you squeeze the maid servants, taxi people and vegetable man then you will have the bosses who will squeeze your review and your salary.
Money making is like a mandala. You have to give money to guru, parents, wife and children, small people who are connected in your mandala like drivers; maid servants’ etc. Unexpectedly people will ask for money or help. Then also one should help them.
When you want to build house then give money to build houses as form of loans waivers or discounted way. One will see the differences. One does not become rich by intelligence or skill etc. one becomes rich by giving. When you give a lot you will get a lot. When you give less you will get less.
God will send people in a logical fashion. I know people who fight with their main links, abuse them and make the person who helped them in their life feel miserable. Surely one will go into dissention cycle.
When one does not get bonus or salary hike ask yourself whether have you taken or have you given money to small people, inside people and unexpected people.
There was a man who did not get salary hike for 3 years. He bought a flat and had to pay loans and he did not give money to his parents. Because he was tight with his parents the tightness in his pay scale continued with out reason.

If you want to become rich be generous. That is why people who are uneducated become rich or hugely successful than intelligent people because they understand the law of giving.

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