By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
10th september 2009, 10:30 am


May the great goddess saraswathi bless these words.
I humbly request the great 18 rishis and great maharishi parashura to bless this predictions
I humbly request the navagrahas to give their blessings for the prediction to come true
I humbly request all the great master teachers , naths- the great matsyendra nath , gorka nath, bodhisatvas, tirthanakaras the munis, yogis and divine angels to bless the predictions to come true
may all the detractors, negative intention about me or my predictions never manifest
may their will never operate
may their words never come true on astrology or on astrologer or on my predictions.
When ever they speak against the predictions or me or my work may the predictions come stronger.
May the supporters of astrologer words come true. May the great goddess saraswathi bless their words.
May the predictions of all the astrologers come true, which will make the science of astrology superior to all sciences.
May dharma, satya and prema of god support these word.

Sun dasa is about to begin for India. In a matter of two days the sun dasa will start. An end of dasa and beginning of new dasa will normally bring in lot of changes in life. This is also true in the nationís life also. Let us see from the perspective of the stock markets.

From 4th month of 2010- 4th month of 2011 the Jupiter will transit Indiaís 11th house. chennai based Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan predicts that this isthe period where Indian markets are going to boom and there is bound to be huge up swing in the markets. 11th house is for gains or labha stahana. This place when transited by Jupiter will bring in lot of wealth to the people in India. Now we have to translate this astrological interpretation in the language of economics. The GDP growth will reach the figure of 8 and above 8%. The per capita income will increase a lot, employment figure will increase, there will be up swing in property market, up swing in the retail purchase, there will be stability in the government policies, plus the manufacturing and urban markets will do well. Generally the monsoon and the crops prices will be stable.

If you are looking at the medium term perspective in this transit of Jupiter then you can make a killing in the indian stock market. Astrology analysis shows that Indian stock markets can set new record and new high and can even touch 20,000 and above. This is what a Wharton school graduate or Merlyn lynch or technical analyst cannot do because they do not take sun and moon which is mother of all cycle in to account. Life is multi dimensional and one needs to use time which is the mother of all cycles. Any model which does not take time into consideration is bound to be limited, faulty and very unsuccessful in replication. Praising the western mind is very good, but compared to the genius in the world of predictions, the western models and theories looks very limited. Of course I have nothing against western stock methods just that they are limited , not holistic and non comprehensive. One day the world will integrate astrology analysis into stock markets analysis.

Which are sectors will do well.

  • Pharma- one can see the stocks on this sector suddenly doing well.
  • Auto and auto ancillary will do well.

May I dedicate this merit for the birth of son in my lineage, my brotherís marriage, my sadhana to grow stronger and to the formation of spirtual lineages of my style of astrology.


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