by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

19th Feburary, 2009,2:43Pm

A great being sees every thing as one whole and the smaller being see as parts. – changtzu( the great Chinese Taoist philosopher)


 This will be very valuable insight for many common people, investor and speculator.



The global financial order is aligning to next level of reality. This means many people will have to make adjustments with the roles and rules. Over all players have to adjust to new scenario. Global financial system is becoming as one unit. This is the new reality which we have to accept. I call this as the web economy where every sector, place and people is interconnected. One part affects the whole.



First of all globe has become a play ground. It is so tightly packed like a stadium whose reality is seen by every one.  What affects one country will affect the whole world. For example during the great depression of 1930 America was only affected to a large extent. Now if you see the whole world is affected when one part of the world is affected.


Next is the market. It will move up very fast and come down very fast. The rise and correction will be phenomenal. Many people calculate 10- 20 % up swings and corrections. See the price of petrol.  It touched 130 dollars a barrel and it has come down to 40 dollars. Such a huge rise and huge correction. This will be the norm than once in a while issue.


The same pattern of huge rise and correction can be seen in gold commodity, stocks prices all over the world.


Sector wise insulation, place wise insulation is over. For example the gold price rose because stock price went down. The auto industry in India gets affected due to problems in USA. There fore many people who are not connected with stock markets or global melt down will be affected. Chennai’s auto industry can be affected by global melt down. This is another problem.

People can be easily disturbed because few people’s mistake can affect the whole world. Few players can create a huge problem for the markets.


The affect will be fast, rapid and the effect can be seen within hours. For example a fed rate cut can have tremendous impact with in few hours all over the world.  A change in money policy by Indian government will be immediate affect on the banking stock. Information travels faster. There fore effect will also be fast.


Stocks, commodity, petrol, currency will have inter connected effect. When stocks go up commodity, petrol and currency prices will move in correlation. Trying to isolate and read will not be very helpful. For example stocks went down petrol prices also went down. There is no correlation. We are living in the web economy where every thing is interconnected. When every thing goes negative gold prices will go up.


We lose jobs faster, not in slow paced manner like that of the VRS scheme of the vajapee government. Like Lay off hiring will also be done in a fast manner. We have to accept the reality instead of hoping that it will be all over. There fore people who work will be asked to move into untrained uncharted territory. This will become a common scenario. Multi tasking, multiple roles, multi sector working, home work, working for different organizations, working with out experience, intrapreniualship and on job training than qualification will become a common trends in work.  



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