by Chennai based  K.B.Gopalakrishnan

13th march,2007 5:40 AM


      I used to do mahalakshmi ashtakam with my friend sandeep yellubollu during 2002. We found that doing 108 times of the mantra was tough. Doing it at a stretch was even more difficult. Over a period of time it became easy.  I used to insist that all my friends who used to come to my house to do that ashtakam. My pronunciation was terrible intially. Slowly due to goddess grace few people helped me to pronounce the ashtakam correctly. I always believed in the bhakthi element not on the technical aspect of any mantra. Technical element will come on its own as one follows bhakhi element.


As I started doing it regularly, lot of money started coming in. I found very strange coincidence happening. On Friday, people whose names are connected with mahalakshmi use to come to my house. Few of the members who came during that period are Mrs. jayashree, Mrs. mahalakshmi. There were also other strange coincidences like that of people picking me up in white cars. For example one man bought a toyota corolla and insisted that I drive in it. He was a rich man beyond my means. He was very friendly and kind with me. After some time I discontinued doing that mantra.


After a gap of few years I started chanting the ashtakam again. Then some of the same patterns repeated again. I never had huge appetite for money. But sometimes I wish I did not have financial crunch. There was inherent fear within me that I might be running behind money because in one of the modern book of tantra, people say that one will become greedy as they chant this mantra. Actually it became reverse for me. I became materially contended. I knew money will come to me whenever I wanted or in need of it. It came to a point that when I get extra cash I knew some expenses will be there. The trust on divine plan had increased.


I recommended this mantra for so many people who have not become successful but are humble, kind, helpful and giving to people. In my personal experience I personally feel mahalakshmi astakam will cure greed. The pala sruthi states maha satru vinasana. maha satru is ego and fear.  But then one needs more sensitivity and lesson to see the deity playing though life.

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