By Chennai Based Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
19th APRIL ,2009 12:43PM

Many lineages good karma gets destroyed because of many reasons. This is due to murder and rape which are the main reason and the other one is the curses of the many people. Some people borrow money and do not repay it. I know a man who died leaving his sons with debts. They did not pay back. everyone in their house has problems in work. Some of them have indulge in negative activities to make money.

For example the mughal dynasty’s fall was due to the heinous act committed by Aurangzeb. He cut the head of Guru Tej Bahadur and so many Sikh and Hindu holy men which lead to rebellion and ill will. He must have got curses from so many people. Shivaji had Samaratha Ram Das, Tukaram and one more guru who were much callipered. They blessed him to establish the Hindu raj.
Many people in political power kill their enemies. They get away with it because of their power etc. slowly the law of karma takes over and their children suffer. I have seen the elders who find someone responsible to carry on the family duties and responsibilities. This is a subtle way of handing over ceremony.
Killing of snakes for clearing the land or grabbing land from innocent people can lead to these problems. Rape or forcing women to have sex can have problems in the long run for the lineage.
Normally 1, 3, 5 ,7 generations, the karma passes through. What good deed is done by father is enjoyed by his grand children. For example what I do will affect my grand children the most. What my grandfather did will affect me the most. The skipping of karma from one generation to another blinds many people to the real working of law of karma,

Every 5th generation ancestors will be born once again. That is why three pindas are kept and then one more person who is doing the karma. It totals up to four- for father, grandfather, great grandfather sharadda is done. The person and his children total to 5 generation. Therefore this person’s grand children will be his great great grandfather or great great grandmother. If we keep
every generation as 50 years which means 50 x 5 which is equal to 250 years. So once in 250 years a person gets a birth plus or minus years in some cases for one to get the birth. I heard a bizarre story which is true. One lady’s husband was very sick. She prayed and her dead father appeared in the dream. He said “sorry. Mistake was done. He will recover”. Within few days the husband recovered and someone died in their lineage.

Many a times these things are not seen. People look at it from their perspective as success and failure. If one looks at the bigger picture of vamsa then many puzzles and problems will be revealed very easily. The same patterns can be seen in kula, gotra, varna, jati, race and desa etc. For example mayawati’s success is success of the jati. She reaps and enjoys the hard work of many people who sacrificed and worked for the dalit cause in many ways. Ambedkar is a fine example of working for cause yet did not reap the benefit. It is not that she is intelligent, cunning etc but the karmic energy was build up the generation of lower caste people. In fact some of them would have dreamt of learning vedas which is now possible politically in Tamilnadu where lower caste are taught Vedas by the upper caste. It would have been dreams of many lower caste people to be the ruler one day. The democracy as a model is reflecting. I have seen many Brahmins having problems in work though they are good in communication, talent and intelligence. This is due to the jati which suffer due to negative karma of ancestors.

Finally these patterns get repeated even in the spiritual lineages. Some great men give birth to a lineage which lasts for 1000s of years. For example Adi Shankara started the dasanami order of the lineage. The great naropa blessed the great marpa and said “you will give birth to a spiritual lineage. This will be like a great river which will benefit many sentient beings”.

There can be great super star in the lineage and also people who create a bad name. If one sees the lineage in Varanasi they lack spiritual depth and power. This is because more time is used for marketing and pulling up their egos than doing sincere practice. Some of them combine with politician to gain great respect, fame and money from people.

In kanchi lineage the great jayaendra saraswathi could command such a respect from many people whereas his successors find it difficult to hold the energy. He got mixed up with some politician who in turn created lot of problems for him in the end. for example Dayanand Saraswathi who is the guru of Rajini Kanth created so many students who in turn taught adviatha every were. He is the founder of great lineage in adviatha philosophy. The great bhagwan nityananda has swami muktananda as his successor. Then there was the guru mayi. This is a spiritual lineage. Even in ramdas ashram, they do not have super stars like ramdas but people whose conducts are excellent like that of mother krishna bai. Swami sachiananda and swami muktanada have done excellent work.

The great Jain’s have the tirthankaras which is a spiritual lineage. Even to get qualified at this level is very tough. The great Buddhist had the kagyu lineage which is average now. Imagine 5 generation after milarepa had guru who had all kind of siddies. When more than 5 generation of people are very spiritual, then a great spiritual being is born. Bhagwan Ramana ancestors must have been very spiritual. They would have done so much of punya to have great spiritual genius born in to their lineage. Normal human perception is to look people individually. If one gets the vision of unity one will see these people as team. Then these insights are very easy.

Like cricket or football teams of the world. vamasa is a team. different families work for the vamasa, different vamasas work for kula, different kulas work for the gotra, different gortas work for the jati, different jaties work for the varana , different varanas work for the religion, different religion work for the desa, different desas work for the continents, different continents work for whole world, and this goes on and on.





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