by Chennai based K.B.Gopalakrishnan

7th, January,2009 9:50AM

When I was young and before I took to astrology I used to believe in the words of Norman Vincent Peale, dale Carnegie and napoleon hill. I used to think that just hard work and talent can help people to go places. One can become what one wants. As the wheel of life moved, when astrology became my full time profession and the ups and downs of life helped me to appreciate karma, lineage karma and the eternal wisdom of India. There is nothing wrong in concepts, ideas and models based on the western concepts of hard work success etc. it has a very limited application. As one evolves one come to the point of higher understanding and then these ideas get expanded and evolved. What I am sharing is the insight. I have paid heavy price in my life. People who are close to me will understand what I am trying to communicate.

There are two types of lineage. One is positive lineage. The following broad based pattern will be seen in these types of lineage. Some of the pattern need not be seen in some lineages. Mostly 80-90% of the pattern will fit in. In this elderly people will live long. Marriage and child birth will happen in time and most of them will have male children, families in terms of functions like marriage child birth will be helpful for each other, there will be exchange of money ideas and contacts, the elder’s punya will be guiding source of light. Money earned will be saved and multiplied, houses and vehicle purchase will happen easily. Education will be good, people will have very good values and most of them will be interested in god, religion and higher principle of consciousness, Dana will be high.

In the negative lineages fighting will be common, the cooperation among family members will be lowest, fights in functions will be common, elders will die early, many people will have one parents or some of them will be chronic diseases like mental illness, marriage and child birth will be late and some of them will not get married or will not have children. Most of them will have girl child, education and teenage problem will be common. Elders will be restless and old age will be filled with pain and power struggle with children. Money will be wasted and spending on illness and court case will be common. Many people will not have proper jobs and those who proper jobs will not have children or marriage.

One does not require any brilliance or extra ordinary ability to be moderately successful. If one is in the upward cycle in a lineage then the person will be successful. That is why in many lineages people are naturally successful and in some lineages person have problem.

Generally a lineage can be taken as a team. Some people work on marriage, some people work on education, some people work on spiritual side, some people work on the health side.

For example I am good in astrology. In my mother’s side many people have good knowledge in astrology. My grandfather and grandmother both paternal and maternal side were very spiritual. They did not make huge amount of money. They did pooja , japa and lead a life of spiritual success. This means they worked for the spiritual side of lineage. One of uncle was a school head master. His work has helped many people to get educated in the lineage. I know families were everyone is a post graduate and the grandfather had built a school.

This is a very crucial aspect forgotten by the so called success gurus. What people failed to understand is no matter what ever hard work some people put they will never make that kind of money. For example Dhirubai Ambani makes more money than most of the people. Just that system favors them and many people work for them so that they can make more money. Their ancestors must have been blessed by the saints.

Billionaires or millionaires are born. They are not made and if they are made it is due to punya of the ancestors. Most people are sincere and work very hard. Why do not they make money like nandan nilekani or Narayana moorthy?

Naryana moorthy’s parents and ancestors must have done some very good punya in their life. If life is viewed as whole then many puzzles and answer will look very easy. One needs higher perception to understand it.

For example take the family of kamalahasan. Many of his family members are actors, actress, writers and directors. In the same way take the case of most industrial houses, most of their family members are business men.

There is ascension cycle, dissension cycle and middle cycle. To give example my grand mother build the current house in which I live, but she did not enjoy it fully. I did not put money or help in building the house. Yet I enjoy the full house with out working for it. My grandmother was in the ascension cycle and I am in the middle cycle where all the benefit is passed on with out me working for it.

Some family members can pull down the energy of the lineage by fighting bickering or acting abusively. Learn to bless them. Pray for them. This will stop the energy from moving downward.

I have seen many people boasting that they have done all evils and they get away with it. This is because the lineage’s good karma protects them. Their action will affect the lineage .

Some people can destroy the good punya. They can screw up the lineage money by taking bribes, fraudulent behavior and cheating. They can get away with it because the lineage karma protects them. Eventually they will pay for their deeds to gain higher understanding. Some people are so wicked they get away with it because of there lineage good punya.

For example chief minister karunanidi of Tamilnadu who is very strong atheist and does not believe in god or in higher existence will find it very difficult in life to understand the esoteric knowledge. In fact entire lineage will have problem with subtler reality of life. Of course one does not understand and lives in ignorance for everything looks hunky dory. They have money, power, fame, and everything is going good. But religion spirituality, higher truth will be denied for long time to the lineage members. He has spoilt the marriage cycle by marrying many times etc. If one views esoterically then his crown charka will be small. Spiritual cord will be thin like a wire.

For example Afghanistan sells opium and also fights with the whole world. Women refuse to marry terrorist so they are forcing women to marry. They also have to fight with the whole world. There is highest infant mortality death in the world. Education is very low though they are high in certain facet of religious value.

If one sees the history of Afghanistan they have looted India many times by the ghoris, ghaznis, balbans etc. now if you see Afghanistan is so poor they have to do harm to make money. See in the same way the Arab country is only a desert yet there are rich. Marriage cycle in Afghanistan is screwed up. There is lot of homo sexuality because the afghans use to rape the women when they entered the town or village after the battle. In fact the famous rajput princess padmini who was wife of rana sanga did sati which means jumped in to the fire when the armies of the afghan king allaudin khiiji entered in to mewar, effectively the wheel life of life grinds. Just that god has to bless every one with higher understanding.

America sub prime is due to curse of the many mothers who must have lost their children due to mindless battle in Iraq.

How did I come to this insight? Some one asked me why I pray so much. I said my life has bigger problems than others. That is the reason. I have done every kind of prayer to have a child, visited most of the temples, used to do prayer every day for the baby, and whomever I gave mantra or did pooja had children. With out elaborating I exceeded my levels and capacity in the prayer for having a child.
I prayed so much to have a child. Really prayed so hard. Then one day this insight came like a flash of lighting. My paternal grandfather one was a lawyer and maternal grandfather was a jailer. I think it sums up what kind of karma they must have done. My brother suffers from schizophrenia. we used to have so much fighting among family members. Many of the ladies are divorced. Some of the son in law have committed suicide , many people do not live as husband and wife. Many of them do not have children. Cursing and boasting is a common thing during religious function. My uncle 70th marriage was boycotted by his own brother and sister.

If u read the article please pray for me to have a child. Though I have been blessed with a baby girl who is very sweet, may my own story be inspiration for greater understanding and travel the path of good karma. Do not feel sorry for me. When you go to the temple please pray for me to have a son of my own.

This is written on 11th day of my mother’s death.

Thanks for reading. I dedicate this merit to my family for the birth of a son and also solving the issue of birth of children in my lineage.

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