by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

21st MAY, 7:46 PM

  I always resisted predicting mass death in mundane astrology because it is very painful and one cannot do much about it. I met a pranic healer by name Arun Sakthi in Chennai who gently reminded me of a pattern. He said when ever there is lack of evolution of soul that place will have problem.

For example take china’s earth quake. China had occupied Tibet and had been accusing Dalai Lama and other Tibetan people. There has not been even meaningful dialogue for so many years. When the Tibetan people protested against the occupation, china simply used force to quell the rebellion down. Now nearly 10,000 people have died. Many have gone missing; in fact a place in size of Italy had to be vacated because of the fear of flooding from dams. The world never looks at this connection. Many common people will be aware but then it will never be told in the media. The main reason is people go by rationality and science.

It is said in the Vedas and astrology that goddess earth cannot take any more evil deeds and when the punishment is meted out, it becomes earth quake. See the same thing happened in Kashmir.

The military junta in Burma faces the brunt of nature’s fury in the form of cyclone. The junta is forced to accept the limitation and had to open the country which it had refused to do for so many years. Of course Burmese army tortured the monk.

K.B.Gopalakrishnan, the expert in mundane astrology feels that earth quakes, floods, pest in crops, winds are the nature’s way of showing to mankind how we have failed to live the minimum level of morality.

The Thanjavur is a classic example. The land owners were driven out with the evil law of 60% for workers and 40% for the land owners. No were in the world such a law exists. The land owners were forced to forsake their land. Today that place has repeated crop failure or what is cultivated get destroyed by winds and floods. Of course chief minister Karunanidhi comes from the place.

The tsunami of 2004 had devastated Indonesia and srilanka. Indonesia is famous for child prostitution and srilanka is famous for the human war which has killed many people.

One can speak any thing and think one can get away. When law of karma catches up in mass level there is mass death. Usage of plastic, abusing women in media by stripping them bare in name of fashion and movies, abusing water resources, we are bound to pay a price. What ever justification one can give for nature’s fury, but when it takes its toll there is pain and agony which could have been avoided.

Take any place in the world and check the morality level. Then one can say that when next disaster will appear.

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