By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
17th september, 2009 10:30 am


Rajapakshe and his army are doing genocide. Of course before the world wakes up lakhs of people will be killed or would have disappeared. Like all men of crime against humanity, this man rajapakshe is blinded by hate is killing Tamil people who are refugees. I am not pro LTTE sympathizer. I have predicted the death of prabhakaran.

I hear stories of horrifying nature. The Tamilnadu government ruled by so called Tamil leader karunanidhi is turning blind eye and the congress government in the centre is also not bothered. There will be no srilankan tamils so where is the question of rights of lankan tamils.

In the church where my wife goes, a father or a pastor came from srilanka and told horrifying stories. All of them in the church have been asked to pray , collect money fast on and do night vigil. In so many years of interaction never this kind of request has come from the church. It is done all over Tamilnadu.

Some of the stories are, men and women in the camp stripped naked and shot,

Any one who is suspected to be LTTE supporter or sympathizer is taken in a white van and brutally killed

Ruled by terror the entire judiciary, police, military systematically will eliminate tamilians.

Many people can never go back home or will be resettled in areas where the sri lanka government asks them to go

All young men and young women will be tortured to death or food will not be given. Slowly they will be put to death in the camps.

Situation described by that Christian father ďit is worst than Gaza. No press or no law. Only the iron fist which kills many tamilians.

Like men who lose their sense in victory, rajapaskshe has become mass murderer and should be tried for crime against humanity

No one can question any one. The so called Tamil leader karunanidhi wants to please and placate Sonia Gandhi. Nothing is wrong in the game of politics. Just that his son or daughter will not resign even if lakhs of people are killed in srilanka, because the Tamilís cause is bigger than the power.

Before the final assault was over nearly one lakh people were killed. It will never come in statistics or cannot be proved against men who killed or the men in power.

If world does not ask this crime against humanity a genocide who will ask?

Please pray, do what you can do to stop this mass murder or mass killing. Pass on the message there is genocide in srilanka against lankan tamils.

It is not a propaganda war or LTTE sympathizerís words but a human being who is feeling for another human being

The so called Buddha preached love, metta, karuna and muditha. where has it gone?

Remember I am not emotional. My heart weeps for men who are dying of torture, pain, hunger and helplessness.

May god forgive rajapaskshe and the mass murder of srilanka.
May peace come to srilanka
May the great minds and powerful country wake up before it is too late.


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