by Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

24th OCTOBER,2007 3:45 PM


   Many people ask this simple question how long will the bull run continue?  The answer can be viewed from the astrology angle. Many people have analyzed the stock markets and reams of words have been spoken.


First of all we will see the journey of the Sensex from the 1000 points to 19,000 points.


12,500 on Oct 12, 2006

13,000 on Oct 30, 2006:

14,000 on Dec 05, 2006:

15,000 on Jul 06, 2007:

16,000 on Sep 19, 2007:

17,000 on Sep 26, 2007

18,000 on Oct 09, 2007


12,000, April 20, 2006

11,000, March 27, 2006

10,000, February 7, 2006

9000, November 28, 2005

8000, September 8, 2005

7000, June 20, 2005��

6000, February 11, 2000

5000, October 8, 1999

4000, March 30, 1992

3000, February 29, 1992

2000, January 15, 1992

1000, July 25, 1990




If you see there are three distinct phases.


The first phase was between Jan 15 1992 march 30 1992. In this period Saturn was in makaram. Jupiter was in the simha. Basically the first phase Saturn was in the 9th house and aspecting all planets in the Indian 3rd house.


The next phase was from June 20 2005- July 06 2007. Saturn was again transiting all planets which include the dasa lord and bhukthi lord.  It was Venus dasa and Saturn bhukthi and then followed by the mercury bhukthi. In fact mercury started Sep 9 2005 on wards.


Every antara in the bhukthi of mercury, the Sensex had gone up.


Sep 8 2005 Venus dasa mercury bhukthi and mercury anatra.


Nov 8 2005 Venus dasa mercury bhukthi and mercury antra sun sooksma.


Feb 7 2006 Venus dasa mercury bhukthi  kethu antra  venus sooksma.


March 27 2006 -  venus dasa mercury bhukthi ketu antra rahu  sooksma.


April 20 2006 venus /mer/ketu and Saturn.


Oct 30 2006 venus  mercury sun mercury.


Dec 5  2006 venus mercury  moon and rahu.


Jul 6 2007- venus mercury rahu and mercury.


Sep 19 2007 venus mercury jup and jup.


Sep 26 007 venus mercury jup jup and moon.


Oct 9 2007 venus mercury jup sat and venus


All the sub periods in mercury other than Venus and mars   produced significant changes.



   The second question is why in mercury bhukthi the Sensex had gone up. Applying the rules of parashara, one can come to conclusions easily. Second lord is for wealth. The nation wealth has to increase basically in modern context. The foreign in flow of funds, secondly the stock markets, the cash reserve and the debt of the government. if one see in all the parameter it would greatly been positive.


Two raja yoga bhukthi 9 and 10th lord Saturn, followed by 2nd and 5 th lord mercury.


Mercury period started in 9/9/2005 and extend up till 9/7/2008.


Therefore till the mercury bhukthi the Bull Run will be there in one way or the other. The Indian market will be attractive.


When Jupiter goes in to the 8th house in the rashi of dhanus there can be severe correction. This will happen in November. Secondly in July 2008 the Bull Run will come to an end and painful period of kethu will begin for India which will see changes in the economic and political models.


  • As such markets will touch new highs before and after Diwali. Christmas and New Year will be good.


  • Q3 and Q4 results of most companies will be good.


  • India will clock more than 8% of GDP, inflation will be in control, and rupee will be in up swing.


  • Indian info tech companies will face one problem or the other till June 2008 when Saturn and kethu parts.


  • Finally in next two weeks BSE, Sensex and nifty will touch new highs.

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