By Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

may 23rd,2007. 6:14PM



         Earlier prediction of mine that Manmohan Singh ministry will survive for three years easily has turned out to be true by godís grace.


The prime question is will it survive the last two years very easily. As far the present scenario is concerned, they are cruising along peacefully except for the media which want to blow up issue out of proportions. I hope the television anchor asks question which are more sensible in nature.



When Kethu transit any planet it will portend troubles say the great pulli pani who was disciple of Bhogar natar, the great siddha.


Basically the planet Kethu will transit over the Saturn and many planets in the India horoscope from 2008 June Ė 2009 Dec.


Following is the prediction.

  • The Manmohan Singh ministry will not see much trouble till June 2008. it will cruise along.

  • Mostly their candidate will get through easily.

  • Media projecting the INFOSYS Chief Narayana Moorthy is hilarious. How ever much media pushes these things, it will not have impact.

  • The agenda of BC reservation in higher education will be pushed through.

  • Alliances will have some differences with out any problems.

  • The month of sep , October, November and December 2007 will have some tension for government which will smoothly ruled out.

  • Mass death is also seen in this month.

  • Once the Kethu reaches the cancer there will be troubles problems and strong difficulties for the government.

  • The left and the congress will be in logger head.-

  • Towards the end there can be difficulties.

  • Still it will survive through and at the most there can be cabinet reshuffle.

  • Some quarters with hue and cry will want Manmohan to be replaced but then nothing will happen.

  • The lagna of Libra with all planets in the 9th house had done its tricks.

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