by Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

7th August ,2008, 9:55 AM


With the trust vote over the only question that lingers in everyone’s mind is how long will the government survive? Chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan does astrological analysis to predict about the political scenario of the Indian Government


  • First the Manmohan government will survive the rest of the period.-

  • The Indian government will also implement many reforms

  • The price rise will have slow controlling effect and at least till the end of the year the price rise will be there.-

  • The Indian equity market will marginally do better due to the political stability.

  • The price of crude will slowly come down and of course there will be flare up in between.

  • The demand for automobiles and housing will go down which will bring down the demand very fast

  • Real estate prices will have a correction which will create fear in many people lives.

  • The first 90 days will not be much of a problem for Manmohan Singh government.

  • Once the Jupiter transits into makara and conjuncts with rahu in sep 2008 there will be a strong internal tussles, problems and difficulties in the government which will be easily managed through by the people.

  • Of course like any opposition parties left and BJP will shout about the small deeds of the government.

  • The first candidate list prepared by the BJP has to wait before the Indian election commission makes formal announcement of the Indian election

  • Sun dasa is about to start for India. This will change the political equation in a new way. There will be new players and new power centers in the Indian politics.

  • When the dasa of Venus started Indian saw the strangle hold of congress coming down. New opposition parties and new power equation came in to force.

  • Indian will be running Sun dasa which will see inflation, manufacturing growth slowing down, interest rate shooting up and demands coming down. Stock market will perform average with increase of terrorist threat.

Many Indians will sigh a relief as this year, 2008 comes to an end.

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