by astrologer K.B.GOPALAKRISHNAN

27TH NOVEMBER, 2006 2:43PM


There is commonness between Indian politician and Indian cricket team.

 Indian politicians promise a lot and deliver less. Indian cricketers do the same.

Indian politician have lot of hype and never lived up to potential. So do the Indian cricket players.

Indian cricket is run by board members who had never played cricket so do the India politics.

Indian cricket players make more money off the playing field, so is the Indian politicians who make billions other than political activity.

It is very difficult to kick out non performing player in Indian cricket, same goes with Indian politician.

Mentors, family connection, knowing big boss gets you right post and slot in India cricket and politics.

Both talk too big, ill treat media men, have massive egos and blame every one other than themselves for there poor performance.

Any way this way of spoofing them, nothing in heart

 Let us see the performance of the Indian cricket team with run up to the world cup. Many are nostalgic about Kapil team with won the world cup.

The major question is who will be first round winner in the world cup which is held in westindies from Sun 11 Mar,2007  Opening Ceremony sat april 28 finals. The teams which will qualify for the second round matches will be told later.


First of all, lot of question about India winning the world cup is there. The answer is a clear no basically this will hurt lot of people. Sorry. India was running the dasa of ketu and bhukthi of sun. Saturn and Jupiter was in sixth and 8th house when it won the world cup last time.

Now India is running the dasa of venus and bhukthi of mercury. Saturn and Jupiter are in Kendra. There fore India will not win the world cup.

Secondly performance of the Indian cricket will be average. Most star players will score once a while and still retain their positions. Sacchin is coming to the last chapter of his career. There will be slow hue and cry either gathering to perform or drop. He will retain his position easily till the world cup.

Greg Chappell like the Hindi movie will be like full of action but no substances. His tricks and techniques will be like latest bond movie casino royale. One can take horse to pond (sorry bond to pond) but it has to drink water. He can give best coaching, change tricks style or board can change channels, logos, coach stadium what is required is change of heart from players.

Till then performance of the Indian cricket team will be average and less than average.



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