By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
30 th August, 2009, 10:30 am


May the great goddess saraswathi bless these words.
I humbly request the great 18 rishis and great maharishi parashura to bless this predictions
I humbly request the navagrahas to give their blessings for the prediction to come true
I humbly request all the great master teachers , naths- the great matsyendra nath , gorka nath, bodhisatvas, tirthanakaras the munis, yogis and divine angels to bless the predictions to come true
may all the detractors, negative intention about me or my predictions never manifest
may their will never operate
may their words never come true on astrology or on astrologer or on my predictions.
When ever they speak against the predictions or me or my work may the predictions come stronger.
May the supporters of astrologer words come true. May the great goddess saraswathi bless their words.
May the predictions of all the astrologers come true, which will make the science of astrology superior to all sciences.
May dharma, satya and prema of god support these word.

All great men have to end. It happens in sports, entertainment any place where someone is famous. It is happening in the BJP. Advani one of the tallest leaders of BJP who steered the BJP and is slowly seeing rebellion, discord and problems with his leadership. This is due to planetary influence

According to chennai based astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan Saturn is about leave simha. According to hindi poet garg it will create problems in Delhi. Simha is the sign of the New Delhi. Saturn is planet of change. Many astrologers do not understand that last time Saturn entered the sign of simha there was a problem with the congress. This time the Saturn is transiting again has created a lot of problems for the BJP.

Now let us take the horoscope of BJP. The tenth lord Jupiter is in neecha in the 8th house with rahu. Secondly the bhukthi lord mercury the tenth house has that of planet moon which is the sixth lord. Therefore the war is brewing and change of leadership in on the anvil for BJP. Advani can make his exit peaceful happy as if he has done it. Whatever any one does, it is the planet which does.

Jupiter will go through bhukthi lord in kumbha followed by the 8th house transit of Saturn in the rashi of kanni which proceeds in the 4th house from lagna. This means Saturn will see the tenth house. Jupiter will be in the tenth house of BJP from 4th month of 2010. Jupiter will over the tenth house of BJP and Saturn will be seeing the tenth house. Many planet will also see the tenth house in transit. The advani era in India politics is over. He will step down slowly or fast. At the most he will survive end of 2010. Advani can make the exit slowly decently in his own time. Congress will be becoming stronger why we will see in another article

May I dedicate this merit for the birth of son in my lineage, my brotherís marriage, my sadhana to grow stronger and to the formation of spirtual lineages of my style of astrology.


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