by Chennai based Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan

25th JULY, 2009 12:00PM

The world has shifted in paradigm of the way we trade among nations. Internet has created new waves of opportunities but also asuras who exploit masses in a big way. It is a one way game. This game is controlled by a class of people or by very rich people. Secondly they do not have any laws or authority who can question them or ban them.
Money is in the hands of big American banks and world rich people who can create accounts in the internet and trade. They can buy sell or hold any commodity futures.
Therefore the price of gold, oil, metals and food commodities like rice, wheat are bound to go up. It will crash and then go up. This is the market of extremes.
These big fishes will cyclically invest in the following areas.
Real estate
No government can control them. To a large extent they will control the cyber world. Therefore prices are bound to go up. I shall write about price later. India will be one of hardest hit country. I have combined astrology with futurology, stock markets trend reader etc which very few have done . Any way I remember Kareena Kapoor, the Hindi actress who said greater you go up people want you to come down.

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