Gerald celente
By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
3rd August, 2009, 4:45 Pm

Any way 3 of the major predictions of celente of America getting broken down will never come true at least till 2015 easily says indian astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
Secondly he talks of tax rebellion. There can be some kind of mass protest or effort by common combined with media people. Whether it will become a mass movement like that of Martin Luther king’s movement is a big question mark
Thirdly he talks about food riots. It is sure there can be some kind of food shortages and supplies. Whether it will lead to anarchy for a long time is a question mark.
He is considered as the Nostradamus of the western world.

so who is Gerald Celente : also known as Dr Doom , Gerald Celente is regarded as one of the foremost trend predictors in the world. This author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking, and publisher of The Trends Journal, is frequently a guest on television news and talk show programs. The New York Post said "if Nostradamus were alive today, he'd have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente.

The Trends Research Institute"

After years in politics and lobbying Gerald Celente founded The Trends Research Institute (initially called the Socio-Economic Research Institute of America) in 1980 in Rhinebeck, New York. According to several media sources, its successful predictions include Black Monday, the fall of the Soviet Union, the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the quarter of the bubble burst, the subprime mortgage crisis, and the financial "Panic of '08", including the statement that "corporate giants would tumble to their death." The Trends Research Institute publishes the Trends Journal, a publication that identifies, forecasts and analyzes business, socioeconomic, political, consumer, environmental and other trends. The purpose and focus of the Trends Journal is to inform readers of future trends and provide strategies on how to prepare and profit from what lies ahead.

Recent predictions
In the December 2007 edition of Celente's Trends Journal publication, he predicted the "Panic of '08" (and took out the domain name "" in November, 2007): "Failing banks, busted brokerages, toppled corporate giants, bankrupt cities, states in default, foreign creditors cashing out of US securities ... whatever the spark, the stage is set for panic in the streets." In this same issue Celente predicted an "Economic 9/11": "Just as the Twin Towers collapsed from the top down, so too will the US economy... when the giant firms fall, they’ll crush the man on the street." In this issue he also predicted Tax Revolts: "Fed up, and not willing – or able – to take it anymore, overtaxed Americans will begin the battle against politicians in the fight to lower and/or repeal taxes... As tax revenues fall and government budgets shrink, federal and state agencies will step up tax collection."

On November 14, 2008, Celente appeared on Fox Business Network and predicted economic depression, tax rebellions, food riots, and more concern for buying food than Christmas presents by 2012 in the United States. Celente also predicted in this interview that governments across the country will be squeezing the little guy for every last dime wherever they can.

Celente predicted in his "Top Trends 2009" Trends Journal (written in December, 2008) that food-producing gardens will appear on people's lawns in tribute to President Bush's failed tenure: "The new 'Grow your own food because you don't have money to buy it' trend was dubbed 'Bush Gardens.' Celente also says to escape the mood of economic depression people will be delighting in entertainment and alcohol. Other predictions for 2009 and beyond include a possible revolutionary advance in renewable energy technologies, miracle cures from stem cell research, a shift toward holistic healing practices, and a crash of the overpriced college-industrial complex.

Celente appeared on the Glenn Beck television program in February 2009, examining the possibility of dire future scenarios. Beck remarked to Celente that "You think a lot of this stuff is really coming." Celente agreed, and continued to describe the possible future scenario:
"New York City looks like Mexico City. If you have money or they think you're going to have money, you're going to be a target for a kidnapping. We're going to see major cities look like Calcutta. There is going to be the homeless, panhandlers, hookers. You have people that are ignorant, functionally illiterate, and whacked out on drugs, hillbilly heroin, you name it, meth, go down the line, and they have nothing to lose. You are building the worst-case scenario. From that, we can back off, but people better realize that the worst-case scenario could actually happen. 9/11 happened. This can happen. An economic 9/11, the likes of which we've never seen."
In another appearance on Beck's program on April 2, 2009 he predicted that the sub-prime crisis was nothing compared to what was yet to come. He criticised the stimulus plan, calling government-controlled capitalism "Fascism"; that the malls in the USA would end up being "ghost malls" and that there will be a "revolution." He criticized the banking system and claims he removed most of his money from the bank, standing by his forecast that gold will "hit $2000."


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