By Indian Astrologer K.B.Gopalakrishnan
20th August, 2009, 2:30PM


May the great goddess saraswathi bless these words.
I humbly request the great 18 rishis and great maharishi parashura to bless this predictions
I humbly request the navagrahas to give their blessings for the prediction to come true
I humbly request all the great master teachers , naths- the great matsyendra nath , gorka nath, bodhisatvas, tirthanakaras the munis, yogis and divine angels to bless the predictions to come true
may all the detractors, negative intention about me or my predictions never manifest
may their will never operate
may their words never come true on astrology or on astrologer or on my predictions.
When ever they speak against the predictions or me or my work may the predictions come stronger.
May the supporters of astrologer words come true. May the great goddess saraswathi bless their words.
May the predictions of all the astrologers come true, which will make the science of astrology superior to all sciences.
May dharma, satya and prema of god support these word.


let us see why BJP is going through such a political turmoil.
First of all BJPís lagna is that of mithuna. Jupiter is transiting in the 8th house from lagna which is creating so much of problems in their party. Secondly it is mercury bhukthi and moon antra. This means from mercury the 6th lord is moon is in the tenth house and antra will get finished only in the 20 9 2009.
This period is from 23 6 2009.
Sep 15 - Oct 15 can be painful or some kind of political jolt due to sun in the 8th house from bhukthi lord. Therefore it is this reason BJP is undergoing so much of rebellion and pain
First of all BJP problems will persist in some way till dec 20 till Jupiter makes a transit in to the kumbha. Secondly when transit Jupiter reaches the meena in the 4 th month of 2010- - 4th month of 2011, some leadership changes can be expected.
Some way after the 20 sep, BJPís situation will cool further.BJP in the future for the sake of getting Muslim votes and also alignment with other party will leave hinduvita plank or in some way put it behind the back burner. Time is ripe for the change in main leadership

May I dedicate this merit for the birth of son in my lineage, my brotherís marriage, my sadhana to grow stronger and to the formation of spirtual lineages of my style of astrology.


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